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With Scott M. Rodell

Learn the comprehensive Miaodao 'Four Roads' system (complete with a historical overview, fundamental cuts, martial applications, and solo form) in a detailed, step-by-step online course presented by Scott M. Rodell - One of the foremost teachers of Chinese Swordsmanship.

Everything you need to know about the Miaodao... 
Coming Early 2020! 


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Meet Laoshi Scott M. Rodell

Scott M. Rodell has devoted the last three decades to the preservation of traditional Chinese swordsmanship. He has taught seminars across Europe, America, and Australia, since 1991. Demonstrating his skills with a sword and what one might achieved through jianfa, he recently became the first swordsman in history to cut a flying arrow with a jian.

Join teacher Rodell as he brings his vast experience of Chinese swordsmanship to you and guides you through the most ambitious and detailed course he has ever attempted.

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