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Xing Yi Academy Subscription Plans

Learn Authentic Xing Yi, each week with Paul Andrews with 3 live classes each week

Just like attending an in person Xing Yi Class Paul will lead an informal class with theory and discussion, practical exercises, drills, applications, forms and sequences.


Empty hand Xing Yi: Fundamentals (Jibengong), Five Elements (Wu Xing), Linking Sequences (Lian Huan),

12 Animals (She Er Xing), Fighting and Sparring Tactics (San Shou), Exercises and Drills, In depth theory and more.

Weapons Training: Focused on Spear (Qiang): Basic cuts, thrusts, and deflections, Five Elements, 12 Animals, Techniques and Applications, Linking Sequences and Forms, Weapons Strategy, Theory and Tactics.

Yan Yi: Working with Spirit (Xin), Intention (Yi), and Energy (Qi). Yan Yi is the research or study of the intention using energy and movement. Includes: Holistic whole movement methods, Somatics and Kinesiology, Creative Movement and Flow Patterns, exercises and drills aimed at deepening awareness and facilitating altered states of consciousness.


12 Classes Each Month: Watch Live or replay in your own time. End of Class Question and Answer and recap sessions allow for interactive learning and discussion.

Extensive archive of recordings: Over 50 hours and continuing to grow

Detailed Course Online Content (with Full and Premium Subscriptions)

Private Facebook Members Group

Email and Facebook Messenger Support

For Full and Premium Members: Access additional links, articles, and resources in the members area.  Send Xing Yi Academy links to your training videos for feedback and reviews. NEW RESOURCE SECTION ON XING YI 12 ANIMALS - links to videos, resources, photographs, artwork, and articles to deepen your understanding of the animals studied in Xing Yi.

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Crafted for Continuous Development

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3 Classes per week 12 Classes per month (less than $3 per class)

Archive of class recordings (over 50 hours & growing)


Crafted for Deeper Understanding

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Everything in Basic...Plus more...

Additional resources and support

Access to the Foundations of Xing Yi Online Course



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Access to all additional content and courses...access all the Xing Yi Academy Online Courses Right Now

Access everything before anyone else...Including exclusive immediate access to Xing Yi Academy's Five Element Fighting Course, not yet available to the public (goes live 24th April). 

Xing Yi Academy Online Courses


Xing Yi Academy's online courses stand alone but also support the subscription options above.  For those that may want to dip into Xing Yi or simply add some depth in one particular area our courses are perfect.


Once purchased in full the course material can be accessed whenever, where ever, for ever.

Come and go as you please, learn at your own pace. 


Xing Yi Academy are constantly working to create more courses and content to improve existing courses


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Courses Planned For Filming In 2021

Xing Yi Linking Sequences - Learn some classic and unique Xing Yi Forms - Xing Yi Academy Style!

Xing Yi Bear-Eagle - Learn the First of the 12 Animals in depth, form, applications, strategy, everything.

Xing Yi Five Elements Weapons - Qiang (Spear), Jian (Straight Sword), Dao (Sabre)

I've studied martial arts for over 20 years, specialising in Xing Yi Quan. My training has taken me from the UK to Europe, USA, and China. I've trained  and competed with amazing martial artists, Xing Yi practitioners from all styles (Hebei, Shanxi, Dai Xin Yi, and Xin Yi Liu He) as well as cross training Yi Quan, Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling), Taijiquan, Bajiquan, Choy Lee Fut, Japanese Kempo, and other esoteric traditions. 


My Xing Yi comes from three lineages of Hebei Style Xing Yi. I am in a unique position, having experience and exposure of a wide range of Xing Yi and other arts from many sources. This means I'm able to present things outside of the ordinary, and take you deeper into the art. Much of this content would be difficult to find even within China with many practical aspects such as weapons and practical fighting skills having being lost or eroded over time. 


Whether in a stand alone course or in my weekly subscription classes, it is my goal to pass on authentic Xing Yi Quan as a living and evolving art that can be used.  I see Xing Yi Quan as a treasure which becomes an inheritance to pass to the next generation. I hope that Xing Yi Academy is able to help the next generation of martial artists to enhance their practice.

Paul Andrews, Head Instructor Xing Yi Academy


Foundations of Xing Yi Quan is presented by Paul Andrews and Xing Yi Academy.  Learn the rare martial art of Xing Yi Quan in depth.  This course covers the Five Element syllabus of Xing Yi Quan from body mechanics and structure to energetics, applications, variations and more.  For the beginner or experienced martial artist this is an epic course with enough content to last you for more than a year of training. Check out the syllabus below.

12 Modules - 85 Separate Lessons or Course Content - Over 60 hours of Video - Additional Training Notes

Theory, Examples, Forms, Exercises and Applications - A Xing Yi Glossary of Terms

Translation of the Xing Yi Classic of Unification

  • Module 1 - Getting Started Xing Yi Essentials (Jibengong)

    Five lessons with video and text explaining the essentials of Xing Yi basics.  Xing Yi Body mechanics, compression and expansion, Yin and Yang, and how to start to combine these together.  Bringing theory and examples together follow along and absorb the fundamental essence of Five Elements Xing Yi.  Good Xing Yi doesn't look pretty, it looks straightforward, but for it to look simple and effective you need to master the underlying complexity, this module sets you off on that path.

  • Module 2 - The Opening Form (Qi Shi)

    Qi Shi is the opening form or movement usually performed before beginning a longer form or before practice. It helps to put you into the classical San Ti Shi (Three Body Posture) but more than this Xing Yi Academy's form holds hidden secrets!  There are 10 movements each with a profound meaning, the first three movements ready the mind, body and spirit, there are then seven movements or examples embodying seven methods to change energy and movement into effective force (Jin), and finally hidden within each movement is the essence of Xing Yi's power generation.  With three straightforward lessons, video and text, Xing Yi Academy teaches the form and it's hidden meanings in full.

  • Module 3 - The Three Body Posture (San Ti Shi) and Standing Post Exercises (Zhan Zhuang)

    The Three Body Posture (San Ti Shi) is often referred to as the basis of Xing Yi. A classical standing post (Zhan Zhuang) posture it embodies structural and strategic principles essential for effectively applying Xing Yi Quan.  However, these practices, and the posture itself are often misunderstood. Seven lessons of video and text delve deeply into San Ti Shi, holding the posture, the principles it embodies, how to train San Ti Shi and what you will get from it, how to test your practice and further postures to add to your practice.

  • Module 4 - Footwork Methods (Bu Fa)

    The longest module in the course. Footwork is maybe the most important aspect of martial arts, it connects into timing, positioning and distance but is also the most neglected aspect of martial arts training. This module includes 24 lessons teaching the fundamental stepping methods of Xing Yi:  Zong Bu, Jin Bu and Tui Bu.  With variations in stepping methods, turning methods, switching sides, common mistakes, simple stepping exercises, combining footwork and more complex stepping exercises, as well as examples of common mistakes to avoid, this module has got footwork covered completely! 

  • Module 5 - Working with Movement and Energy (Qi Gong)

    Qi Gong - energy work is another term which is often misunderstood or taught in many varied ways.  This short module with four lessons of video and training notes looks to develop an understanding of Qi Gong in relation to the three internal and three external harmonies but using some practical examples and exercises combined with theory. 

  • Module 6 - Working with Spirit and Intention (Nei Gong/Yan Yi)

    Nei Gong is translated as "Internal Work" it is closely related to Qi Gong and the exercises will all include the use of energy in some form, though the energy and movement is not the focus of the exercise nor the goal to be understood. In this module there are five lessons with video and training notes that look at how the soft tissues in the body are used within Xing Yi body mechanics and how movements can be optimised using our spirit (Xin), Intention (Yi) and Energy (Qi) to create the three main attacking forces in Five Elements Xing Yi:  Pi Jin (Splitting Force), Zuan Jin (Spiral Force), and Beng Jin (Crushing Force). 

  • Module 7 - Beng Quan

    Xing Yi's Beng Quan (Crushing Fist) is more complex than might first seem.  Xing Yi Academy provides six lessons in this module to cover all aspects of Beng Quan, from how to form the Xing Yi Spiral Shaped Fist (Luoxing Quan), how to perform the standard Beng Quan Form, how to maintain body structure, how to generate combative force, applications for Beng Quan and variations on the form and applications.

  • Module 8 - Pao Quan

    Xing Yi's Pao Quan (Cannon Fist) uses similar mechanics to Beng Quan but employs different structure and tactics.  This module has five lessons starting with the Xing Yi Academy Pao Quan Form and then covering the body structure, force generation, applications and variations of Pao Quan.

  • Module 9 - Pi Quan

    Pi Quan (Splitting Fist) is the characteristic technique of Xing Yi Quan. This module again has five lessons to cover the standard Xing Yi Academy Pi Quan Form, body structure, force generation, selected applications, and selected variations to the form and applications of Pi Quan.  

  • Module 10 - Heng Quan

    Heng Quan (Crossing Fist) usually employs the compress and expand force of Beng Jin but the structure and form allow this to be applied across the target from an angle. This module has five lessons to learn Heng Quan in depth, again looking at the standard Xing Yi Academy Form, the body mechanics and structure, force generation, applications and then the variations on the form and applications.

  • Module 11 - Zuan Quan

    Zuan Quan (Drilling/Spiral Fist) is arguably the most complex of Xing Yi Academy's Five Element Forms. The five lessons in this module will teach the Xing Yi Academy Zuan Form with it's unusual Primary Palm Strike and the more common Secondary Drilling Fist. As with all of the Five Element modules this incudes the form, body mechanics and structure, force generation, applications and variations on the form and applications.

  • The Armoury - Additional Resources and Bonus Content

    The Armoury is our bonus content area.  The first bonus is an extensive Xing Yi Glossary of Terms with detailed explanations including Chinese characters, romanisations in Pin Yin and the English interpretations.  There is an additional  "Ming Jin, An Jin and Hua Jin" Video Discussion talking about the terminology of Bright/Obvious Force, Dark/Hidden Force, and Transformed Force.  Our Mini-Course on Xing Yi Body Mechanics can also be found here (we have given this away free to email subscribers but it's also held in the armoury for easy reference). There is a copy of the Yi Tong Lun (Classic of Unification) as translated and interpreted by Xing Yi Academy's head instructor Paul Andrews. And there is a module within the module - XING YI MASTERCLASSES - where Paul recaps on each of the Five Elements in turn looking at the forms, variations, force generation, body mechanics and structure all combined.

Who is this course for?

  • Complete beginners in Xing Yi - this course will take you step by step through the Five Elements Syllabus
  • Martial artists who don't have regular access to a Xing Yi teacher - this course is the next best thing to an in person teacher, with video and training notes to aid in understanding as well as support from Paul via email if needed
  • Experienced Xing Yi practitioners looking for more depth and variety - Xing Yi Academy's unique mix of three different lineages and exposure to other schools and styles means that this course is packed with ideas, exercises and examples which are rarely seen in more orthodox Xing Yi schools.




Foundations of Xing Yi Quan is also included in the Xing Yi Academy Full Subscription and Premium Subscription  (see above) for the duration of the subscription. 

The level of detail, the depth, the engagement are all great. Not to mention the sheer amount of material. When I read that this was enough material for a year, I thought, "Yeah. Right. I'll be through it in 12 weeks." Nope. It'll be a good year before I start to absorb all of this!

John Auron, Foundations of Xing Yi Student



Yan Yi means "to research/study intent/intention" it is a unique movement based art that stands alone but which complements Xing Yi Quan.  In this course Xing Yi Academy's head instructor Paul Andrews teaches you the principles of Yan Yi and provides numerous examples, demonstrations and exercises to help you enhance your Xing Yi Quan using Yan Yi. 

5 Modules - 28 Separate Lessons and Course Content Blocks

Theory, Drills and Exercises, Videos and Training Notes

A rare and little known method of Training the body using Intention, Movement and Energy

Explore Xing Yi Body Methods Using Yan Yi - This course is certain to add new depths to your Xing Yi Practice

  • Module 1 - The Essentials of Yan Yi

    Six lessons to introduce the art of Yan Yi with theory and immediately applicable drills and exercises.  Understand the Six Harmonies model (Spirit - Intention - Energy coordination of the body structure) and apply it to your body movement. Become more aware of your body with movement isolation exercises - break down your movement to build it back up and connect it together. Learn how you can move your body from your waist/core and then expand on this to control your limbs with core body movements.

  • Module 2 - Yan Yi Footwork

    Deep dive into the footwork methods of Xing Yi Quan but from a Yan Yi perspective of Spirit - Intention - Energy. Learn the basic footwork methods of Xing Yi and how to use your core to control the feet. Explore variations of the Xing Yi footwork and go further by looking at body and foot coordination exercises. Finally bring everything together building step by step on the foundations you have laid.

  • Module 3 - Starting Yan Yi

    Yan Yi is about exploring body movement and mechanics using Spirit - Intention - Energy, so what better place to start with the movements we are already familiar with in Xing Yi. Even if you are a complete beginner in Xing Yi this module will introduce you to movements from the Xing Yi Five Elements and all of the 12 Animals from Xing Yi Academy's syllabus: Bear-Eagle; Snake; Tiger; Dragon; Chicken; Horse; Swallow; Alligator; Goshawk; Tai (Flycatcher); Monkey; and Turtle.  This comprehensive six lesson module will give you enough exercises and drills to work on for months as well as deepening your understanding of the Xing Yi Animals.

  • Module 4 - Digging Deeper into Yan Yi

    With Five lessons this module looks at how to take what you have already learnt and go further. Move smoother and keep your energy flowing, how to connect with your intention at a deeper level to instigate your movement and energy flow, how to combine techniques and link them together into free flowing sequences and taking everything and combining it all together again.

  • Module 5 - Advanced Yan Yi

    This module only has four lessons but they are profound. Here we dip our toes into the more esoteric aspects of Yan Yi practice, starting with Wu Xin (Limitless Spirit - sometimes translated as "Empty Mind") and how we can begin to cultivate this altered state of consciousness and use it to assist us in Yan Yi and Xing Yi practice. We also look at more ways we can use Yan Yi to examine and explore our practice of Xing Yi, and finally we look at how breathing and rhythm are important in our practice.




The Esoteric Art of Yan Yi is also included in the Xing Yi Academy Premium Subscription  (see above) for the lifetime of the subscription. 



AVAILABLE - 24th April 2021



Jiaoshou literally means to 'exchange hands' or to fight hand to hand. This course takes the Xing Yi Five Elements and shows them in a way which is becoming increasingly rare - not as forms and single applications - but as ways to employ fighting tactics. The course takes you from a choreographed partner sequence to full free fighting step by step, introducing fighting concepts to make your Five Elements Xing Yi effective.

6 Modules - 41 Separate Lessons and Course Content Blocks

Theory, Drills and Exercises, Videos and Training Notes

Everything You Will Need To Take Your Five Elements Training To The Next Level - Realistic, Practical, & Applicable

Step by Step Progression Towards Competent Fighting Skills

  • Module 1 - Wu Xing Jiaoshou Lian Huan

    This is the Five Elements Fighting Partner Linking Sequence taught over 7 lessons.  Using the destructive sequence of the Five Elements theory found in Chinese Tradition this sequence provides a framework to begin your journey towards sparring and free fighting. This sequence is taught step by step showing the methods and techniques as well as explaining why each movement is used and positioned the way it is. The sequence becomes a major stepping stone in development of positioning, timing, moving with your opponent, and using the Five Element techniques effectively. This module teaches the sequence as a drill which can be repeated indefinitely and even reversed so that you and your partner can train for as long as needed.

  • Module 2 - Fighting Principles

    This module has seven lessons introducing the traditional fighting principles of Five Elements Xing Yi.  We look at the three different kinds of timing that may be employed, the hierarchy of defence, reading and moving in harmony with your partner/opponent, how to "see the heng", common mistakes and how to integrate principles into your practice. Complete with video tuition, demonstrations, examples and drills this module will change with way you work with the Five Elements turning them from simple applications into tools for fighting and sparring.

  • Module 3 - Applying the Elements

    With 11 lessons this module aims to provide you with a whole sack full of examples of how the Five Elements can be applied.  We look at each of the elements in turn, showing standard applications and variations but then look at how each element can overcome all of the other elements by applying the principles we have already worked on in Module 2.  Some people still believe the myth that the Five Elements are like 'Rock - Paper ' Scissors'  but this module will blow that myth apart, showing example after example of how the Elements can work in a variety of situations.

  • Module 4 - Advanced Fighting Principles

    Six more lessons to boost your understanding and ability of Five Elements fighting. We look at how to really apply "simultaneous attack and defence", how to keep composure and pressure on your opponent even when forced to retreat,  how to apply the principle of change, and we work on Five Element striking combinations. As usual this module is full of practical examples, drills and exercises.

  • Module 5 - Taking Things Further

    Five Lessons to take things further.  We revisit moving in harmony with our opponent, look at how to add to, switch and change the linking sequence, we look at how to develop your own partner sequences to ease into sparring and fighting and help to embody principles or try out new applications in a non-cooperative but relatively safe environment and finally we discuss the transition into complete free sparring where you can test out your skills in a more competitive format without braking down into chaos or losing your ability.

  • BONUS Module 6 - Five Element Kicks

    A bonus module we filmed on the fly with Joe behind the camera as usual and Paul and Andrew demonstrating.  Paul shows the five element kicking and leg methods.  It's not perfect, it's a bit rough and ready, but of course it's real and applicable.  Xing Yi's kicking techniques are not prominent but are often neglected and it is difficult to find a teacher that can demonstrate how they can be used effectively.  Here we introduce the Five Element kicking methods Pi tui, Beng tui, Zuan tui, Pao tui and Heng tui with examples of how they can be applied.










FIVE ELEMENTS FIGHTING is available with the Xing Yi Academy Premium Subscription (see above) for the lifetime of the subscription.